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Earthquake Resistant
Fire Resistant
Nest is a beautiful Smart House built with a rigid steel keyframe. It’s burglarproof and lightweight so you can put it virtually anywhere: in your backyard, or completely off-grid in the middle of nowhere. No, it’s not a shipping container.
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Roombus Nest Solo interior image showing entrance
Made for Happiness.
Committed to the environment.
People need healthy and happy spaces to live, work and play. We're helping people thrive through thoughtful human-centered design, precision engineering and IoT technology.
A Healthy Home.
Built with your health in mind using toxin-free materials. Nest features embedded sensors that intelligently monitor indoor air quality and filters out dust, viruses, and other pollutants hundreds of times daily.
Highly Efficient by Design.
We use 4 layers of glass for windows, premium insulation in walls and a smart HVAC to greatly reduce the need for heating or cooling all year round. The external glass façade is a tough composite burglarproof layer.
Fully Fitted Kitchen.
Enjoy happy cooking with full-size appliances. You get an electric induction cooktop, dishwasher, pullout pantry, over-the-range oven and a French Door fridge. Choose your built-in kitchen from GE, Bosch, Miele, LG or Samsung.
Yes to Shower Time.
Cheers to a compact house with a spacious bathroom! We spent months optimizing every square inch of the bathroom floor. Features accessible shower and toilet spaces, washing machine and dryer, rain shower, bidet spray and a ceiling speaker.
A Space that Works.
Every aspect of Nest has been thoughtfully designed to match form with function. We've centered its elegant design around modern day lifestyle and activities. Each Nest features a cozy WFH corner that's great for deep work.
Let there be LIGHT.
LIGHT is a modern dual inverter and battery system. Enjoy up to 6KWh of solar energy storage for all year off-grid living, or as backup power — even to your main home.
The flexibility of Nest enables it to be used in a myriad of ways. With no-kitchen and no-bathroom configurations, Nest can be accessorized into anything you want it to be.
Take customizations to the next level with Nest Exclusive. Our Exclusive design team is available to work with you to deliver bespoke experiences for your Nest.
Roombus Nest Solo
Guest Access
Always Online
You deserve a smart home.
Nest is always connected. Launch the Roombus app to securely control and monitor your home — even from a thousand miles away.
Explore Smart Home
Your personal Doorman.
Unlock your front door, or activate Watcher — our integrated home security and alarm system. Rotate the knob to engage a 3,000 lbs-resistant deadbolt for added security.
Your home has a powerful computer that's more powerful than the computer that landed Neil Armstrong on the moon. RoomOS is an encrypted smart home operating system running on modern Intel and ARM coprocessors. With up to 10TB of local storage, you have enough space to hold your security feed history for years. No cloud storage subscription needed.
Nest is pretty smart.
Remote Unlock
You can unlock your front door to allow a package delivery, or to let mom in while you’re still on your way home. All safely from your mobile phone.
Smart Lights
Adjust the color and intensity of all the lights from super bright to whisper dim. Lights dynamically fade throughout the evening to get you set for bed.
Smart Climate Control
The air inside your Nest is always pure and just the way you like it. Our integrated smart HVAC system efficiently monitors the air 1,440x a day to keep you comfortable.
Powered Windows
All windows in the Nest feature smart glass that you can switch on or off. Turn it on to allow light come in, or off for blackout and privacy.
Smart Ceiling Speakers
Enjoy music and handsfree calls in your Nest with up to 5 built-in speakers. Turn on Sleep Mode to help you fall asleep to beautiful sounds of nature playing through your speakers.
Set the Mood
Moods save preferences for your lights, climate and window privacy so you can switch it all up or down in just one tap. Create yours or browse thousands more from others.
Multiple User Profiles
Profiles enable each resident to have their own Digital Access Key, Moods and other personal settings. Allows up to 3 profiles per Nest.
Guest Access
Securely issue Digital Access Keys to guests with a set expiry date. Or revoke them at any time so you can skip that awkward moment asking for your keys.
Enhanced Security
End-to-end Encryption (E2EE), a steel security entrance door, anti-bandit windows, built-in motion sensors and a high-decibel alarm system — all so you can sleep with both eyes closed.
Yeah! You've got some sweet, sweet options.
Fit any space, lifestyle or budget. With 3 sizes in 6 colors, you’ll enjoy freedom to choose a Nest that’s uniquely you.
12 x 40 ft — 480 SQFT
Roombus Nest Solo
12 x 28 ft — 336 SQFT
Roombus Nest Nano
12 x 20 ft — 240 SQFT
Roombus Nest Pico
#LOVE Colors for a Cause.
For every #LOVE color we sell, we give a portion of our profits to a cause that matters to you.
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